It's That Time of the Month Again!

While my PMS brownies (Ghirardelli double chocolate from the box plus a few swirls of chunky peanut butter—the perfect combination of low-effort and high-reward that my current mental and physical state demands) are cooling on the stove, let's go for a quick surf on the crimson wave: Welcome to another Menstruation Monday!

1. First, please go listen to the brilliant hosts of one of my favorite podcasts, Witch, Please, as they discuss how menstruation might have been dealt with in the wizarding world. The segment was inspired by a very good listener question and starts around 1:24:38 in this episode. (Then definitely go listen to the entirety of their podcast, and also Hannah's kickass new podcast, Secret Feminist Agenda, which I am LOVING.)

2. As usual, Teen Vogue has been publishing some interesting #periodcontent, including this piece on Jewish girls reconsidering and recontextualizing existing religious traditions around menstruation in 2017.

3. This piece from Broadly brings up some bigger questions about what we know/don't know/think we know about periods and what Science is interested in looking into.

4. In the wake of last month's dramatic eclipse, don't tell me you weren't wondering about whether that lunar weirdness might be messing with the menstrual cycles of the North American period-havers in its path. Luckily, many outlets, including Marie Claire, have some answers for us. I admit that I do feel a little extra witchy when my cycle is on the same schedule as the moon, and it was a minor compensation for my cramps last month that the sun literally went out as if in commiseration with my mood.

5. Finally, I was in New York a few weeks ago and spotted some new Thinx ads on the subway. They're certainly different from the brand's highly memorable fruit-based campaign, but I'm not exactly sure how I feel about them otherwise...thoughts?