Listen to This - Spring

I am always seeking out new music, especially when the season are changing. Different times of year definitely call for different types of music. Lately, my standards for new go-to songs have been pretty high, but here's a playlist with a few that I've been enjoying. They are all over the place, but I make no apologies. Not even for the weird, haunting modern choir arrangement of the Depeche Mode classic, or for the one song that was inspired by my recent and very much ongoing rewatch of Grey's Anatomy.... Just give it a try. This isn't exactly what spring sounds like, but the weather has been weird in New England over the last month or two, so the vibe is a little weird, too. What songs are spring to you, this year or every year? What have you been listening to lately? I'm definitely still looking for new tunes. 

Bonus Content:

Video of part of a new San Fermin song ("August") from their recent show in Boston:

Hot takes on Kanye's new album and specifically the track "Wolves," which I am weirdly obsessed with, from the excellent Switched on Pop podcast (there are some things I wish they'd been able to talk more about, including the way the female voices in the song complicate the themes they're discussing, but this is still pretty interesting):